The Mirror

December 2018


The Mirror

We grow, we live, we love – and walk through life looking at everyone else
If you’re lucky like me you live in the sun
hold the hand of your love and walk just as one

But bad times are good when they force us to see
the mirror of life with questions for the me

Is it you, is it him, is it who I want to be
when I look in the mirror, it may not be me

Am I good, am I bad, do I offer enough
to earn the respect of the ones that I love

These questions of life are the ones we all hold
and ask for forgiveness or just to be bold

But rays of life throw shadows on our eyes
and blind us to the fact that we all need to rise
to stand up and love even the ones we don’t know
because love is best shown when we shine from below

So when you look in the mirror is it you that you see?
Or better yet, is it the you that you want you to be?

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

Tim & Wynne Curran

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