December 2019

Walking Through Life

December 2019


Walking Through Life

So the kids finally left us, although they had really been moving on for the past few years.

We can’t be sure of how they will do, and we can’t be sure of what we are going to do.

Compared to some, twenty plus years together is not a lot, but it went quickly raising kids.

And now we have to learn a new way of life, a new way to live together, a way we may have forgotten over the past twenty years while being mom and dad.

Our personal journey is borne out of the natural progression in life, whereby incidents or events help us evaluate life and all that it offers.

The holidays are a good time of year to put down the computer or phone and look around to see your life for what it is now and what you would like it to be or become.

It’s not just me that gets lost in the noise of life or loses focus on what’s important, because we all stress about the little things, which may include planning for the holidays; but the fact is that time spent with family and friends, be it calm or chaotic, is all that matters.

So when things get a bit crazy this month, remember what the holidays, and life for that matter, are all about; by keeping focus on what’s important your path will be lighter and brighter no matter what will come.

As for us, we are looking forward to spending time with the kids; but when they leave, I trust our love will guide the way and the next twenty years will go quickly as well because it may be fun just being Tim and Wynne again.

And if I’m lucky, I’ll not only remember that the journey of life is its own reward, but also continue to walk this crazy path of life with the woman of my dreams.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

Tim and Wynne Curran

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